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Friday, August 11, 2006

Tacos on the border/Tacos en la frontera

This taco wagon is in a working class/commercial district of Tijuana called Soler. It is not a tourist area. Thus, I thought the sign, "Se habla espan~ol," pretty funny. Well, we are in Mexico. Why not speak Spanish? Only on the border...

Esta carreta de tacos esta' en Soler una colonia obrera y comercial. No esta' turistica. Entonce el letrero, "se habla espan~ol," es un poco divertido. Pues, estamos en Mexico. ?Porque no hablamos espan~ol? Solamente en la frontera...

Maybe you have to click on the photo to read the sign.

Tal vez, tenga que hacer un clic en la photo para leer el letrero.

The largest fried pork rinds I've seen.

Los chicharrones mas grandes habia visto yo.

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KidsBookReader said...

We have these huge chicharrones at our local Ranch Market; which is pretty much like stepping into Mexico.

Lots of authentic Mexican spices and dishes, real foods to purchase, very little Gringo stuff. (Meaning boxed, frozen, canned stuff.)

They have a Cocina inside the store (little eatery) that cooks authentic foods. Here is where they have the huge chicharrones in a big glass case.

They also have a Panderia (bakery) where they have many, many dolces (sweets) available.

(If not familiar with a bakery that serves so many dolces, please note that a lot of the breads are sweet breads and have a good portion of sugar in them.)

They have a real meat counter, fish counter and make their own tortillas.

As big as we are here, meat counters are almost a thing of the past here, so this is almost like a novelty for us poor Gringos; especially the young people to see the huge selection of non-packaged meats.

They employees mostly speak English and are friendly, but I've found my poor Spanish to be a real benefit in shopping there.

We are about 250 miles from the San Diego border with TJ, but we have a lot of Mexican immigrants living here who come to work in the fields, restaurants,cleaning or gardening businesses here.

I must admit I had only seen the little pork rinds too, until these stores came to town. (Well rather large city now, I guess.)