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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A good time to visit/La buena fecha para visitar

May 6 at 4pm the first bullfight of the season begins (precisely on time) in the Plaza Monumental, Playas de Tijuana, the world's 3rd largest bullring.

El 6 de Mayo a las 4 en la tarde (precisamente) la primera corrida de la temporada va a iniciar en la Plaza Monumental, Playas de Tijuana, la plaza de toros tercera mas grande del mundo.

You will know you have gotten to the plaza when you pass this abstract dolphin sculpture on your left just after the entrance to Playas.

Va a saber ha llegado usted a la plaza cuando la escultura abstracta de los delfines esta' en la izquierda despues la entrada de Playas.


Colonel Colonel said...

You are counting this down like we in Boston are counting down to Dice-K's first pitch. Well, ok, that's this Friday, against a college team, but it will be broadcast here on live cable.

We're not obsessed- we're just REALLY REALLY into it...

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Yeah, I know the feeling. It is a long way from November to May. (But note, we are not alone. They are already advertising the first corrida.)