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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Artisans Market/El Mercado de Artesania

A bit kitschy at times but often interesting.

Tal vez un poco frivola aveces pero frequentamente interesante.


jgodsey said...

there's something you don't see everyday

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

I had not thought about it before but I do think that here I see something every day that you don't see every day. Today I bought a book on the magical powers of Santa Muerte, Saint Death, a cult saint not approved by the church. Help yourself with the Powers of Santa Muerte in work, in your home, in love, with enemies, for money, to avoid robberies, in your business, for luck, for protection, and to solve all problems, sort of the penicillin of saints. She is depicted as a skeleton in a hooded shroud holding a scythe in her right hand and a crystal globe in her right.

She has her place in my pantheon of popular saints along with Jesus Malverde and Juan Soldado. I'll have to blog the three of them soon.