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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The fish market/La pescaderia

Remember, prices are pesos per kilo, e.g., fresh oysters for US$2 per pound more or less and fresh crab a bit less. (Divide by 11 to go from pesos to US$ and again by 2.2 to go from kilos to pounds.) Fish & seafood is fresh daily, delicious and plentiful in Tijuana.

Pescado y mariscos son muy frescos, sabrosos, y ambundante en Tijuana.


ch1c0 s4b10 said...

Se ven muy buenos los pescados, a lo mejor al rato voy por uno....

First Gate Dreamer said...

Corrie and I actually broke down and got some fish tacos and shrimp tacos while we were in Ensenada. After walking through the fish market there , being right next to the Ocean, and seeing and smelling fresh Fish Tacos for only $1 each we couldn't resist anymore despite our veggie ways.

Soooooo goood!