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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Odd monument/Monumento raro

This must be one of the few monuments to the counter-revolutionary troops of Porfirio Diaz. In the first victory of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, Mexican anarchist (Liberal Party), indigenous Kumiai & Kiliwa, and a few U.S. internationalist anarchist troops, all under the inspiration of Ricardo Flores Magon, took over Mexicali, Tecate, and Tijuana, establishing what was arguably the world's first socialist republic. (There is a major street and a boulevard named in honor of Flores Magon in Tijuana.) The views of history of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, who erected this monument, are so reactionary as to celebrate the defeat some six months later of this initial victory.

Of course the revolution would go on to triumph in Mexico, institute land and labor reform, social security, non-re-election, the nationalization of petroleum, and many other victories for common people, and bring with it a series of counter moves by the elite in a rolling reaction which continues today undoing each of these victories in turn.

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