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Thursday, June 12, 2008

El Mayor Cucapah

El Mayor Cucapah is the largest traditional indigenous Cucapah community in Baja California. For more than 15,000 years the Cucapah have lived here with fishing as their primary economic activity. The community is located near what once was the mouth of the Colorado River. Now by treaty between the United States and Mexico, 90% of the Colorado goes to water southern California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. 10% goes to water the Mexicali valley and Tijuana. The Cucapah, the fish and the river itself get the remaining 0%. None of them were consulted of course. There is no longer any Colorado River reaching the Gulf of California.

La comunidad tradicional mas grande en Baja California de los indigenas Cucapah se llama El Mayor Cucapah. Para mas que 15.000 an~os han vivido aqui por pescar como actividad economica primaria. La comunidad esta' ubicada donde era la delta del Rio Colorado. Ahora por tratado entre los Estados Unidos y Mexico, 90% del rio va para regar California sur, Arizona, Utah y Nevada. 10% va para regar el valle de Mexicali y Tijuana. Los Cucapah, los pescados y el rio pueden tener los restos 0%. Claro que ellos no hayan sido consultados nunca. Ahora ninguna gota del rio llega al Golfo de California.


First Gate Dreamer said...

Interesting you tell this story. Yesterday I finally put that "Cucapah" sticker on my bike that you gave me well over a year ago.

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Cool, we just got back from delivering corn and bean seed there.