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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Art on the wall/Arte en la barda

Clinton started its construction, Bush expanded it, and Obama is continuing it. The Wall of Death has now killed more than 7000 migrants. But it does serve as an art gallery on the Mexican side. Nonetheless it is a bigger crime than the Berlin Wall was.

Clinton lo inicio', Bush lo extendio', y Obama lo sigue. La Barda de Muerte ha matado mas que 7000 migrantes. Pero se funciona como galaria de arte en el lado Mexicano. Sin embargo es un crimen mas grande que era el Muro de Berlin.


caroline said...

Is that what this wall is called... I never knew this about the border wall. Here in America they say not to visit Mexico that it is very dangerous... Is this true? I have always had a great affinity for Mexican food art and people and also the landscape and magic plus mythology.

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

The wall is called many things on the Mexican side. Simply La Barda, or El Muro, or La Cerca [literally the armor, the wall, or the fence]. It is sometimes called La Barda de Verguenza, the Wall of Shame, or de Muerte [of Death].

Tijuana is a big city (2 to 3 million) and holds the dangers of any big city. I find U.S. cities the most dangerous I have been to but it is hard to measure.

Violence in Tijuana seems to be restricted mostly to the drug trade and if you are not involved, it feels quite safe to me in comparison to Los Angeles, Chicago or New York.

We here think of the drug violence as being imported from the USA where most of the problem originates, and most of the drugs and money end up, and most of the bosses live, and most of the weapons come from. The problem stems from U.S. consumption, prohibition, treatment of the problem as a criminal rather than public health issue. It can only be solved in the U.S., not by trying to isolate Mexico.

I would say that if you are not coming for illegal drugs the danger of visiting Mexico is lower than that of any U.S. city, which is not to say it isn't dangerous.