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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Closed, for rent/Cerrado, se renta

I do not know the statistics but it seems that half of downtown Tijuana has closed. I did see in the paper that 60,000 jobs have been lost.

No se las estatisticas pero parece que la mitad de Centro haya cerrado. Vi en el periodico que mas que 60,000 han sido perdido.


nullrend said...

Yes, there were a couple of articles in the big newspapers about it trying to drum up attention to something people have known for years.

Perhaps if the owners of the buildings along the street were willing to diversify into other business lines other than table dances, drug stores and curio shops everything would be better.

I know I'd like to see a bookstore somewhere, along a decent and cheap daytime eatery other than Sanborn's.

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Perhaps, though note that one of the closed businesses in the photos was El Dia, the best bookstore in Tijuana. And there are (or were) some good shops with jewelry, art, crafts, clothes, plus the museums and culture centers provided by the city, state and federal governments. And there are actually quite a few good, cheap restaurants in Centro, though most are a block or two off Av. Revolicion. Most of what I have tried to do in this blog is show a Tijuana beyond strip clubs, drug stores and souvenirs.

But Tijuana is much at fault. More attention has been paid to the support of the maquiladora sector than the tourist sector. There is no horse racing anymore, no jai lai, no auto racing, and it appears that this year there may be no bullfights. A list of lost entertainment would be very long indeed.