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Friday, June 12, 2009

La Santa Muerte/The Holy Death

The altar of La Santa Muerte has a beautiful view of La Presa, a large reservoir on the east side of Tijuana. The popular saint is unrecognized by the church but even the bishop protested the destruction of this altar.

El altar de la Santa Muerte tiene vista hermosa de La Presa en el este de Tijuana. La santa popular no es confirmada por la iglesia pero aun asi el obispo protesto' contra su destruccion.


swan said...

Do you know more about this saint and what do the people petition for... How long has the shrine been here and are there more sites of her honor.

swan said...

Is this the Saint of Holy Death... Petitioned for luck and protection... And if you know more about the site that would be of great interest to me also... I really am enjoying the energy of these pics.. Have a super duper weekend!

Moisés said...

Donde está el altar exactamente?