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Friday, October 09, 2009

Bullfights part 2/Corridas de toros parte 2


patricia said...

Each time I watch a bull fight, which I admit is not many times. I try to find the beauty in it, but it escapes me. I hope there is beauty in this sport that so many love across the globe. There must be something that attracts fans. I don't belong to PETA, I even wear fur coats. I just can't see the beauty here. If you can, and are able to explain it to me, please feel free. Thanks

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

I cannot explain it here in limited space and I am not sure I would call it beauty. It evokes strong emotion in me. I would describe it closer to the catharsis of tragedy. I have heard it said that to see one bullfight that is worthwhile you must see ten that are not. In my experience that is probably close. In this it is like theater or baseball, there is much more mediocre than wonderful. But for me that one in ten is worth it.

Picasso used many bullfight images. I would not describe the Guernica as beautiful but when I first saw it I sat stunned in front of it for hours and cried.