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Friday, July 14, 2006

A mystery/Un misterio

These two photos were shot 3 days ago in the morning through the US border fence from Mexico to the US. On top of the bluff is a US Border Patrol jeep which is pretty much always there to keep folks from entering the USA without documentation. The fellow at the bottom of the bluff was spraying something on the plants very near the border. As you can see his white pickup has no kind of governmental or commercial insignia or logo.

Who is he? Who does he work for? What is he spraying? Is it harmful to the environment? Is it harmful to people? How far does it drift? What other questions should I be asking?

If you have any answers or any suggestions as to where to find the answers, please post them here. Thank you.

Las dos photos tome' hace 3 dias en la man~ana desde Mexico hasta los EU por la barda frontera del EU. En la encima del pen~asco esta' un jeep de la EU Migra, siempre alla para buscar gente que quieria cruzar. El typo bajo estaba rociando algo en las plantas muy circa del la frontera. Como puede ver no tiene nada del gobierno ni negocio en su picup blanco.

?Quien es? ?Para quien esta' trabajando? ?Que esta' rociando? ?Es perjudicial al media ambiente? ?Es perjudicial a la gente? Va a dejarse llevar por el viento o el agua? ?Hay otras preguntas para preguntar?

Si tiene respuestas o sugerencias donde hay repuestas, por favor mandaarlos aqui. Gracias.


jgodsey said...

it's probably some anti-alien repellant. you know how those black ops people.

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Ah, I should have thought of that. I did just watch Men in Black on the telly again. I forget how paranoid about strange bugs from outer space the gabacho government is.