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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Canyon Radio/La Radio Can~on

We went to the canyon to document the setting up of the neighborhood's first independent, community run radio station.

Fuimos al can~on documentar el inicio de la primera independente radio de la vecindad accionado por la comunidad.

Putting the antenna on the roof.

Poner la antena en el techo.

The equipment is quite simple.

El equipo es muy sencillo.

And the community can broadcast its own voice.

Y la comunidad puede difundir su propia voz.


strandwolf said...

This has been done in Berkeley. There's a guy with a 5 watt station that has been a real thorn to the FCC. I'll bet you can track him down via google. There is or was a very active movement, with instructions on how to get rolling.

Anonymous said...

In a world overrun by media giants, commercial radio and advertising, it's very important to have community radio. Not only does it give the community a voice, but it is also a nice break from the mainstream music and points of view. Wish them luck.