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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lake Atitlan/Lago Atitlan

Lake Atitlan may be the most beautiful place in Guatemala, and Gatemala has more than its share of beautiful places.

Tal vez es el lugar mas hermosa de Guatemala Lago Atitlan y Guatemala tiene mas que es justo de los lugares bonitos del mundo.

The view from the lookout in Solola.

La vista desde el mirador en Solola.

A shop in Santa Catarina, the blue huipiles are typical of Santa Catarina itself.

Una tienda en Santa Catarina, los huipiles azules son traje tipica de Santa Catarina en si.

A pok, a very rare duck found only in Lake Atitlan, once thought to be extinct.

Un pok, un pato muy poco comun, antes considerado extinto.

A short video of the boat ride

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Jason said...

Sorry, but the photo of what you say is the presumed extinct pato "pok" is actually an "american coot". I've birdwatched in the area for 5 years and the locals often tell visitors the coots or pie-billed grebe are the extinct "pato Poc"(Atitlan Grebe)

Here's some more information:


Jason Berry
Guatemalan Birding Resource Center