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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Benito Juarez's Birthday/Los Cumplian~os de Benito Juarez

Juarez's Birthday is March 21 but like so much in Mexico the patriotic holiday has been gringoized and is now celebrated on Monday (yesterday) and everybody goes shopping or goes to the beach.

Los cumplian~os de Juarez son el 21 de Marzo pero como mucho en Mexico la fiesta patriotica ha sido gringado y ahora celebramos el lunes (ayer) y todo el mundo van a comprar o a la playa.

Candy apples, churros, corn on the cob, chicharones, mangos, & more are available on the beach.

Hay manzanas de caramel, churros, elotes, chicharones, mangos, y mas en la playa.

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