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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A few more houses/Unas pocas mas casas

All within 2 blocks of the beach.
Todas dentro 2 cuadras de la playa.


First Gate Dreamer said...

Hey, didn't you already post these? I feel ripped off ;)
We're all booked up and will arrive in Tijuana May 7th and will probably stay 3 nights.

catalyst said...

When I lived down there, we'd see one of those houses (only one) in a small town and would always comment, "that must be where the drug dealer lives."

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Here we have politicians & gringos as well as drug dealers, hence many more richer homes. (Joke, folks.) More seriously, people ask me why there are fancy shopping malls, Mercedes & Mitsubishi dealers and other signs of conspicuous consumption in a place that is so poor. The answer is that in a city of about 3 million even if only 1% of the folks are rich and only 10% comfortable, middle class that means you have a town of about 33,000 well off people. Of course it also means there are about 2,967,000 poor people, mostly extremely poor, but there are plenty of folks with lots of money to support a large consumer economy.

And no, these are new photos, some folks just can't tell the difference between one example of domestic architecture and another. ;) back at'cha.