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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hunger strike & sit in/Huelga de hambre y planton

An ejido is a community of collectively held land formed under the land reform law of the Mexican Revolution (since severely cut back by "reform" of the reform). The land of the ejido of Maclovio Rojas on the east side of Tijuana has been sought after by transnational industrialists since it formation 19 years ago. The government has refused to provide it any services, electricity, water, sewer, schools, so the community has had to provide all those things on their own. Yesterday they began a hunger strike and sit in at the state government building in Tijuana.

Ayer la gente del ejido Maclovio Rojas inicio' la huelga de hambre y planton en el palacio estatal en Tijuana.

Demands include withdrawal of arrest warrants for their original leadership and electricity, water, education, and health services for the community.

Las demandas se incluyen quitar los ordenes de aprehension de sus lideres y servicios de lus, agua, educacion y salud para la comunidad.

The new president of the ejido, Luis, began the hunger strike and sit in.

El nuevo presidente del ejido, Luis, inicio' la huelga de hambre y planton.

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