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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Maclovio Rojas

Maclovio Rojas was a community organizer from Oaxaca. Maclovio Rojas is also an ejido (see, on the eastern outskirts of Tijuana. It is in a prime industrial/transportation location and has been in danger since its founding from forces that would like to take the land from the working people who live there and "develop" it. For more on the community see, for example:

Maclovio Rojas era un organizador de la comunidad. Maclovio Rojas tambien es un ejido (ver, en las faldas de Tijuana al lado este. Esta' en un area primo para industria y transporte y ha sido en peligro hasta su fundacion de las fuerzas que quiere "desarrollarlo." Para mas acerca de la comunidad, ver, por ejemplo:

A mobile clinic testing blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. in Maclovio Rojas.

Una clinica movil para pruevas de nivel de azucar en el sangre, presion, etc.

A community health center.
Un centro de salud comunitaria.

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