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Friday, February 29, 2008

To fish or to surf/Pescar o surfear

my new long board

mi tabla larga nueva


jgodsey said...

i know it's fibreglass patch but it looks like duct tape and it's funnier...that is one freaking long board. what are you gonna paint it to look like?

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Long equals stable; old folks need stable. Don't know about painting it. The boogies just have Wild Coast/Costa Salvage decals (a local surfer-environmentalist organization) save the turtles, save the whales, save the beach access, that kind of stuff. Interesting, California has lost 90% of its coastal wetlands but Baja has only lost 10%. We may still have a chance here if the Donald Trumps of the world can be stopped.

James said...

Doyle? Is that a vintage board made by some character back in the 1960s? Those are, duh, "collectible". Hey, get a coach, a local named Hay-soos, and then the onlookers can all yell, "Stand up! Stand up! Stand up for Jesus!" Just a thought.

Greg and Kim said...

very impressive bro. you look tan, rested and content.