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Friday, April 25, 2008

Como se llama el autobus? What is a bus called?

In Tijuana the large, regular size bus is "la mula" but a small one is "la calafia." Extra points for an essay on Calafia.

En Tijuana el bus grande, taman~o normal se llama "la mula" pero el pequen~o se llama "la calafia." El premio para el ensayo sobre Calafia.


Brenda said...

Here, in Guaymas, Sonora the city buses are called camions and the highway buses are autobuses. Sheesh we would never be able to ask for a bus up there.

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

The real words here are the same but Tijuanenses have a language all their own as well. There is a Tijuana/Spanish dictionary published. Examples: a Tijuanense is also called here a Chilango lite; Gossip, chisme, is also cheeseburger; instead of que onda you hear que hongo; and of course there is the ever popular guey.

Daniel said...

Let me say "muchas felicidades y gracias" thanks for show the best part of our city, we need these kind of web sites. And also I would like to mention a correction, in TJ we don't call "mulas" to the big busses, we call them "Burras" you can verify this with the people in TJ. Again, congratulations and thanks. Daniel