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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sindicatos de proteccion patronal/Company unions

Company unions are common, almost universal in the maquila industries. They are created by the companies often before a single worker is hired in a new factory, paid by the company, do the company's bidding, and prevent any legitimate union from being organized. Because the workers never know of their existence until it is convenient for the company they are also called ghost unions. A conference on how to combat company unions will be held in Tijuana on Friday April 18 at 5:30pm in the hall of the Telephone workers union (a free, democratic union).

Sindicatos de proteccion patronal son bien comun, casi universal en la industria maquila. Son hecho por el patron, muchas veces antes el empleo de los trabajadoras y trabajadores, pagado por el patron, hacen las mandas del patron, y obstaculizan la fomacion de alguno sindicato legitimo. Porque las trabajadoras no saben de la existencia del sindicato de proteccion tambien se llama sindicatos fantasmos. Van a tener una conferencia sobre como combatir los sindicatos de proteccion en Tijuana el viernes 18 Abril a las 17:30 en el salon del sindicato de telefonistas (un sindicato libre y democratico).

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