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Monday, June 12, 2006


Yesterday the professional lifeguards were training volunteers.
Ayer los salvavidas profesionales estaba ensen~ando a los voluntarios.


jgodsey said...

is this one of the beaches you guys cleaned?
if so....terrific!

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Yes, actually the only beach we helped clean. But it requires recleaning every day and an intensive recleaning every week with the city administration's help.

The amount of trash left on a nice weekend is truly amazing. And here most weekends are nice. Then there is the clandestine dumping of construction trash, the source of most of the styrofoam on the beach, even more than fast food.

There are a lot of folks helping to keep the beach clean but the pressure is great. It is nearly the only recreational area for an urban population of around 2 million plus a lot of tourists. There are some parks but the United Nations recommends 10% of urban area in greenspaces while Tijuana has about 1%.