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Friday, October 20, 2006


From 1942 to 1964 under the bracero program workers in the United States from Mexico had 10% of their wages witheld to assure their return to Mexico which was to be repaid them in Mexico as they reached retirement age. With very little accounting and apparetntly no sense of responsibility the United States sent that money to Mexico. Apparently it was then stolen from the Mexican treasury. To date the workers have not been paid their 10%, let alone any accrued interest on it.

I have a particular interest in this issue because from 1953 to 1963 I picked crops alongside these Mexican workers. I have actually met one of them who was 19 when I was 10 picking for the same farm.

This group stayed with us for two days as they were telling their stories to the Other Campaign and the 6th Commission of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation and Sub-comandante Insurgente Marcos/Delegado Zero. They are organized nationally to protest the theft of their money and to get it back. They are an inspiration of struggle without giving up. They have been struggling all their lives for their families and they are not stopping now.

Desde 1942 hasta 1964 los braceros trabajaron en Los E.U. Pero 10% de sus sueldos era sacado por el gobierno de Los E.U. y mandado al gobierno Mexicano para segurar su regreso a Mexico. Era robado de tesoro de Mexico y todovia no ha sido pagado.
Tengo intereses muy personales porque desde 1953 hasta 1963 trabaje' en el campo al lado de los braceros.
Esto grupo cuidaron con nosotros para 2 dias hablando sobre la tema al Delegado Cero de la 6ta Comision de la EZLN y a la Otra Campan~a. Hay su organizacion al nivel nacional para manifestar el robo de su dinero y para regresarlo. Son una inspiracion de luchar y no rendir. Han luchado todas sus vidas para sus familias y no va a parar ahora.

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