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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The bite/La mordita

There is certainly corruption of a much larger scale in Mexico's neighbor to the north but the custom of the local police preying on the powerless is annoying and in one's face. The picture is terrible but it is hard to photograph while appearing not to, or at least I have not yet perfected the technique.

Por cierto hay corupcion mas grande en el vecino pais al norte pero la custumbre de la mordita, siempre aplicado a los sin poder es un gran agravacion y muy abierta. La foto es muy mala pero es bien dificil tomar las fotos y no parece como tomando fotos, o por lo menos no he perfeccionado la tecnica.

1 comment:

First Gate Dreamer said...

Intentional or not I actually think this is an excellent photo.
The subject matter is a little obscured but that kinda adds a bit of voyeurism to it which suits the commentary.