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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Can this be legal?/?Puede ser legal?

The first time anyone can remember commercial fishing this close to the beach was this week.

Esta semana era la primera vez la gente puede recordar pescadores comeciales tan circa de la playa.

Playas is full of surfers, swimmers, and beach users.

Playas esta' llena de surferos, nadadores, y usuarios de la playa de todo tipo.

Commercial fishing is not compatible with its main economic activity, tourism, or its main urban function, recreation.

Pescar comercial no es compatible con su papel de lugar turistico y recreacional.

The Gaviotas Ecology Group is researching if the activity is legal.

Grupo Ecologista Gaviotas esta' buscando si la actividad puede ser legal.


Colonel Colonel said...

Are they Mexican or American boats? You're right on the border- I'm surprised their not afraid of netting one of Dik Cheney's ocean-going nuclear mines or a US Navy frogman or two.

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Actually Las Gaviotas has found more than 70 phosphorus bombs washed up on our beach from the US Navy over the past few years. Cathie and I found one. I "blogged" about this the first year we were here. Complaints have been filed with the US EPA and with the Mexican equivalent. Everything has been covered up.

One of the questions is where this boat is from. There was only one and only for two mornings.

Catalyst said...

Perhaps they were "fishing" for the senorita in picture one!

Colonel Colonel said...

That thought had also occured to me...