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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some time ago the downtown shopkeepers had a survey done about what tourists liked least about Tijuana. No surprise, number one was street vendors. We have done our own informal survey asking each of our guests (15 so far) what their number one complaint was. Every single one said, "Garbage!" And everyone liked having street vendors around. It all depends on who does the survey, but you already knew that.
Here are two clandestine garbage dumps on the beach at Playas de Tijuana.

Here is another sort of garbage we found on the beach last fall. It is a white phosphorus bomb from the United States Navy based in San Diego. We asked Las Gaviotas about it and were told that over 70 have been found on the beach over the past 3 years and two had exploded. They helped us complain to the Environmental Protection Agency in San Diego and we and they were interviewed by the EPA Los Angeles office. That was last October. To all appearances the issue has been effectively lost in the bureaucratic maze, but then that is what bureaucratic mazes were invented for.

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