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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March for Peace in Iraq/Marcha por la Paz in Irak

On Sunday a peace march demanding an end to war in Iraq was led by the father of the first Mexican youth (Jesus Alberto) to die there for the U.S. military adventure. It went from the young man's high school to the Tijuana Cultural Center to the San Ysidro border crossing and on to Chicano Park in San Diego. These photographs are from the rally at the Cultural Center.

Counter-clockwise from top: Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, Jesus Alberto, the Virgin of Guadalupe

Desde arriba hasta la derecha Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, Jesus Alberto. La Virgen de Guadalupe

Jesus Alberto's father

El padre de Jesus Alberto

For Peace

Por la paz

El Domingo marchamos por la paz en Irak llevado por el padre del primer muerto Mexicano de la guerra aventurosa de los EEUU. Fuimos desde la prepa del joven en Tijuana hasta el Parque Chicano en San Diego. La photos son de la manifestacion en Cecut, Tijuana

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Greg and Kim said...

For the first time since the Vietnam war, I picked up pen and paper to write my 3 federal elected officials.

I got back letter that looked a lot like the letters I got back in the 60's.

There is going to be a March in Portland soon. I am going to take my kids to show them a little of "what it was like back then."