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Friday, April 28, 2006

Invitation to plant trees/Sembrar arboles todos invitados

Called Yogurt Canyon on the U.S. side & Can~on de los Sauces on the Mexican side, this canyon is the first, right up from the beach, in Playas de Tijuana on the east side of the Plaza Monumental bull ring behind the Yogurt Place restaurant. It runs from south to north through the border, though of course now there is an ugly fence cutting it at the line. It has been just about as abused and neglected as a natural area can be.

Nombrado Yogurt Canyon en Los EEUU y Can~on de los Sauces en el lado Mexicano, esto can~on esta' el primero desde la playa en Playas de Tijuana ubicada por el lado este de la Plaza Monumental, el toreo y atras el Yogurt Place restaurante. Va desde el sur al norte por la frontera, pero ahora la fea barda lo corta en la linea. El can~on ha sido muy abusado y descuidado.

Looking south-east

Mirar al sureste

Looking north

Mirar al norte

Looking north-west

Mirar al noroeste

On Saturday April 29 from 10:00am to 2pm ecological groups from both sides of the border including Aquatic Adventures of San Diego & Las Gaviotas of Playas de Tijuana will unite to plant 2000 native trees in the canyon. You are invited to join us to be a wetlands avenger. Register in advance to participate and you will receive a T-shirt & lunch free. Children and adults are all welcome. Everyone is invited. There will also be a tour to learn about the importance of wetlands habitat & other activities including music and a free raffle. You may register by email ( or phone (Gabriela 044(664)598-7336 in Tijuana).

El Sabado 29 de abril de 10 am a 2pm grupos ecologicos de los dos lados incluyendo Aquatic Avengers de San Diego y Las Gaviotas de Playas de Tijuana van a unir para sembrar 2000 arboles nativos en el can~on. Estas invitado para unir con nosotros para ser campeon de los can~ones. Registrate con anticipacion para recibir una cameseta y comida gratis. Registrate por email ( o telefono (Gabriela 044(664)598-7336 en Tijuana). Nin~os y adultos son bienvenidos. Todos son invitados. Tambien participa en un tour para conocer la importancia del humedal y su habitat y las otras actividades como musica y una rifa gratis.


jgodsey said...

it doesn't look very nice..
what did they do it to? use it as a landfill?

lynn deweese-parkinson said...

Most of the canyon above has been developed. This is the last remaining bit. Before we started work to restore it it was an open sewer and a place for transients to camp out. There are a lot of transients coming through headed north to work and very few places available for them in shelters like Casa Migrante in Colonia Postal, Calle Galileo No. 239. Replacing the canyon as a shelter for migrants is one of the many problems of restoring it as a green space.